Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to a set of practices that improve a site’s visibility in unpaid (organic) search results and drive relevant visitors to that site. The right SEO can fast-track the success of your business.

Benefits of Effective SEO:

1. Cost Savings: SEO improves online sales volume while decreasing the cost of customer acquisition.

2. Customer Targeting: SEO improves your visibility in organic search results, which reaches motivated buyers who are actively looking for quality products or services, At MINDMATTER we tailor SEO to get you buyers.

3. Long-Term Growth: With the high return on investment (ROI) that quality SEO services offer, your business will become more efficient and will be poised for long-term growth with larger profit margins.


MINDMATTER’s Key Strengths

• Our main focus is your business growth through conversion. We consantly monitor your ROI and focus on increasing your sales.

• We offer the proper guidance. we can advice you on all the aspects of your website or app, from technical all the way to content authoring

• We aim for long term results. The links we build stay with you forever, ensuring that your site or landing pages maintain a strong position in organic search results for years to come.

• We have a strong relationship with many publishing network. Editors, copyrighters, news agencies, bloggers and enthusiasts in various industries collaborate with us to build connections for your business and get links for your site, strengthening your online presence.


MINDMATTER SEO services includes:

• Website Technical Health SummaryWe find and help you fix every technical issue that hinders your website rankings and growth in search engines, such as page lag, caching and 404 issues. We ensure that your site adheres to all the latest best practices with Google, Bing and Yandex making adjustments for any recent algorithm updates.

• Keyword Research and Page Content OptimizationWe find the actual search terms your target customers use when they search online to improve your site’s relevance for profitable search queries. We use those keywords to optimize every page of your site

• Link AcquisitionWe want to help you earn quality links from authoritative sources using unmatched content marketing strategies, partnerships, and target audience engagement. We’ll get you links on new blogs, social networks and websites, introducing your products and services to a new audience

• Web Analytics and Traffic MonitoringWe use an arsenal of the latest analytic tools to collect data about traffic sources and to measure key performance indicators (KPI) to ensure that your campaign is meeting your business goals

• Visualization and ReportingWe translate key findings and recommendations into a language you speak – Business. That way, you can understand the real-world impact of your campaign and better understand what steps need to be taken next